Student Development Resource Centre (SDRC)



Student Development Resource Centre (SDRC) aims at cultivating positive attitudes and enhancing the holistic development of the HPSHCC students for preparing their success in future. Through comprehensive programmes in further studies, career services, personal development activities and professional counselling services, students can discover their potential, acquire skills in personal growth and develop healthy psychological status so as to succeed in academic, career and life pursuits.

Further Studies Activities

There are many options for sub-degree students to articulate to university study after graduation. With up-to-date information and good preparation, students can make a wise choice for their further study. SDRC provides students with information on local and overseas study opportunities, Non-JUPAS application and top-up degree programmes through various talks and seminars. Besides, workshops on university interview skills training and mock interviews are organised to equip students with essential qualities for university admission interviews. Other activities, such as IELTS preparation seminar, student sharing, walk-in consultation on further study, and so forth, will provide the latest education information to students.

Career Development Services

Nowadays, the job market becomes more and more volatile and competitive. Students should equip themselves in different aspects in order to face the forthcoming challenges. Workshops on career planning, job searching and interview techniques are held to strengthen students’ competitiveness and employability. Besides, SDRC works closely with the potential employers and organisations to provide recruitment talks and the latest job information. All these activities are aiming at facilitating students who intend to join the labour force and start developing their careers.

Education and Career Resources Corner

It is equipped with materials on effective learning, personal life planning, further studies, career development, job application and interview skills for students’ reference.

Personal Development

Each of us must have different potentials or talents. However, they are often overlooked. Through training and workshops on study skills, personal development, teamwork building, leadership and stress management, students can explore their potentials and enhance their capabilities. By increasing their self-awareness and confidence, they will be more competent to tackle the challenges in future.

  • Student Ambassador Scheme

    Student Ambassadors are a group of students who are selected as student leaders to serve the College and their fellow students. They are required to undergo leadership, communication skills and team building training. Through various training and experiences obtained from participating activities and coordinating volunteer services, student ambassadors are equipped with self-confidence, good interpersonal skills and event management techniques which can facilitate their personal development and make contribution to the College as well as the communities.

Counselling Service

Individual or group counselling service is available for students throughout the year. Professional Counsellors will discuss with students about their future plans or the problems they may encounter during study or in daily life. Appointments can be made with the Counsellors at the reception counter on 17/F, Student Development Resource Centre.

Study Tour

Study Tours are organized by Student Development Resource Centre and sponsored by the college. Students have chances to gain experience and learn outside the classroom.