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Covid-19 Reporting for HPSHCC Full-time Students

16 Sep 2022

Students are required to report to the College in any of the following cases:

     1. Positive result of virus test by Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), or nucleic acid test; and/or

     2. Being a close contact of an infected person


​The Government defines close contacts as

  • ​Persons who live with the confirmed case in the same household

  • Persons who have had face-to-face close contacts with the confirmed case (especially when the confirmed case did not wear a mask, such as when having meals together)



To report the case, please complete the online Reporting Form

The College will also keep track of the development of the epidemic and make necessary adjustments. 

In the meantime, please stay vigilant and observe the precautionary measures. If you have any questions and need assistance, please contact the College at 3923 7000 or by mail (