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Young Entrepreneur 2017 - Don't Miss Chicken

This is the 3rd year for the College to provide an opportunity for our students to run a business at the Lunar New Year Fair. This scheme aims at providing a platform for students to apply their knowledge in marketing and business, learned in the classroom, in a real life situation. Students are required to operate a business; from preparing a proposal, sourcing the materials, to selling the products throughout the whole Lunar New Year Fair at Victoria Park.
The team “咪酒雞” was selected from among all competitors because of their outstanding proposal and presentation. The winning team was awarded the “Young Entrepreneur 2017” start-up fund of HK$100,000. With total dedication and huge efforts, these young students successfully managed to earn great profits. Through this learning process, the students gained valuable experience which will definitely be useful for their future studies and careers.
Let’s watch the video and share their joy by clicking on the link below.