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Message from College President

Message from College President

Welcome to the HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC) !


Drawing from the past and formulating the future, HPSHCC, since its foundation in 2005, has been striving to respond to society’s needs and provide practical and quality education. Currently, the College offers different sub-degree programmes spreading across the Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, and Diploma in Foundation Studies levels. With HPSHCC’s dedication to nurturing caring professionals for the betterment of our society, we tailor our programmes to equip students with an area of expertise, while harnessing a wide set of practical skills where they could create meaning and impact to enrich their individual lives and benefit our society.


We endeavor to create intellectually challenging programmes of academic and specialised studies. Over the years, we have grown in importance and diversity, evidenced in our wide range of programmes such as applied social sciences, accounting, business management, food and nutrition, hotel, tourism and hospitality, health care, information technology, surveying, sport and recreation, and legal studies. Every year, the College welcomes over 1,200 students who are secondary school leavers and lifelong learners with an aspiration for high-quality tertiary education. At HPSHCC, a hub of discovery and self-actualisation, our prime aim is to open more doors for our students to foster their career aspirations or to further studies at the undergraduate level. The key to opening such doors is our holistic and field-specific educational approach.


Our sound curriculum is led by a team of distinguished and dedicated teachers whose extensive teaching experience and open mindset shape new strategies to empower our students to think critically and act responsibly. Well-suited for and well-received by our students, the wide range of teaching and learning activities and assessment methods designed by our seasoned teaching team exemplify their innovation. What our HPSHCC teachers can further take pride in is their big heart for caring not only students’ academic pursuits but also their leading of full and fruitful lives. Inside and outside classrooms, teaching and learning never stop but you shall see exciting and experiential activities taking place, designed to cultivate students’ social, personal, and intellectual development.


It is a privilege to be leading this outstanding institution to reach a new goal: the Cap. 320 Post-Secondary Colleges Ordinance. It is more than simply an ordinance. It is an apt opportunity for the College to strengthen its status and position further to the next level. The College is determined to make our programmes more rigorous, more challenging, and better suited to the needs of our students as well as the fast-developing society in Hong Kong, and the region. The whole HPSHCC shall work together to ensure the interest of our students and staff while looking forward to turning a new chapter for the College. I invite you to witness our endeavor, to become a vital part of our shared mission, and build for yourself, and our college, a future with promises and possibilities. Seeing is believing. Please join me to unlock our college’s potential by navigating our website.


Prof Lo

Professor Hon S Chan
BSocSc CUHK; MPhil CUHK; MA Syracuse; PhD Syracuse
College President