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Hotel Management


Programme Code

  • HP001 Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS)
  • HP505 Year 1 & 2, Higher Diploma (HD)

DFS Application Code: HP 82-402@

HD Application Code: HP 83-505


More programme information and activities details could be found on the programme Facebook page or Youtube channel:

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Hong Kong welcomed another record-high number of visitors in 2014 — over 60 million people and with 12% increment when compared with 2013, maintaining the hotel room occupancy rate at a level over 90% as usual. With the strong economic power of Mainland China and the continuous support from the central government, it is estimated that the “Pearl of the Orient” will still remain a popular choice for people who plan to travel for either business or leisure purpose in the coming years. Consequently, the demand for qualified manpower remains strong in the local hotel industry. It is a multi-disciplinary study that prepares students for a rewarding career in the hotel industry. Upon graduation, graduates are expected to progress to further studies, or join the hotel management workforce either locally or overseas.


Programme Aims and Features

This programme was launched in 2008. It is a 2-year full-time programme that designed to provide a tailored curriculum covering specific features of the hotel industry with a special focus on Hong Kong, at a level commensurate with junior management. Moreover, this programme is equipped with a comprehensive training centre for hotel management, with facilities including mock-up guest room, reception counter and catering facilities, allowing this programme to provide professional training to the students and better respond to the education needs of the industry.


Job Placement

This programme is a multi-disciplinary study that encourages the acquisition of basic life and employment skills that prepares students for further studies or a rewarding career. A practical job placement of 6 months is an essential part of this 2-year training programme in the hotel management areas. All students in good standing have been given ample opportunities to work in around 40 deluxe hotels in Hong Kong including the Peninsula, Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, InterContinental, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, JW Marriott, Sheraton, Shangri-la and Renaissance, etc.


Opportunities for Further Studies

Programmes offered by local universities

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by local universities (including HKU), including Year 3 of the 4-year, BSc (Hons) in Hotel Management offered by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The list below shows the UGC-funded degree offers that our graduates/ students received in the past*:

  • The University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Arts
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    BSSc Gender Studies
    BSSc Global Studies
  • City University of Hong Kong
    BA Chinese and History
    BA Media and Communication
    BBA Business Analysis
    BBA Business Operations Management
    BSocSc Asian and International Studies
    BSocSc Public Policy and Politics
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations and Systems 
    BSc (Hons) in Hotel Management
    BSc (Hons) in Tourism Management
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
    BBA (Hons) Human Resources Management Concentration
    BBA (Hons) Marketing Concentration

*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

Programmes offered by overseas universities

Graduates are also eligible to apply for admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes offered by overseas universities:

  • Full-time, Bachelor’s degree programmes offered locally by overseas universities in collaboration with HKU SPACE International College (IC):
    • 18-month, Bachelor of Science (Honours) Hospitality Management, University of Plymouth (UK);
    • 2-year, Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in International Festival and Event Management, Edinburgh Napier University (UK).


Career Prospects

The outlook of the hotel industry of Hong Kong remains positive in the coming years, necessitating huge demands for service personnel. There will be immense opportunities for graduates of this programme to develop their careers in the hotel industry in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and overseas.


Applicants will need to attend the Diploma in Foundation Studies programme (Business – Management) (HP 82 – 402), and must satisfy all conditions specified by the programme administration before applying for admission to this 2-year Higher Diploma programme.


2-year Higher Diploma Programme

  • Obtain Level 2 or above in 5 subjects* including English Language and Chinese Language# in the HKDSE Examination; OR
  • Hold a recognised Diploma in Foundation Studies Programme; OR
  • Hold a Diploma Yi Jin; OR
  • Equivalent qualifications will be considered by the College.

Applicants whose HKDSE results do not meet the entry requirements of the 2-year Higher Diploma Programme should apply for admission to the Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS) programme@.


Diploma in Foundation Studies Programme@

  • Obtain Level 1 or above in English Language and Chinese Language# in the HKDSE Examination, AND at least 6 points+ in the best 5 subjects*^; OR
  • Equivalent qualifications will be considered by the College.


Mature Students

Applicants who do not possess the above academic qualifications, but are aged 21 or above and with relevant work experience will be considered on individual merit.


*Applicants are allowed to use not more than 2 Applied Learning (ApL) subjects in the application. The recognition of the ApL subjects is as follows: 

“Attained with Distinction (II)” is deemed equivalent to Level 4 or above;
“Attained with Distinction (I)” is deemed equivalent to Level 3; and 
“Attained” is deemed equivalent to Level 2 in the HKDSE Examination.

#ApL Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students) would be accepted as an alternative Chinese Language qualification.

@ Applicants will need to attend the Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS) programme (Business Management) (HP 82-402), and must satisfy all conditions specified by the programme administration before applying for admission to these 2-year Higher Diploma programmes.

^ If the candidate has attempted less than 5 subjects but obtained 6 points or above, the application will still be considered.

+ Level 5** = 7 points; Level 5* = 6 points; Level 5 = 5 points; Level 4 = 4 points; Level 3 = 3 points; Level 2 = 2 points; Level 1 = 1 point.

Diploma in Foundation Studies

  • General English I & II
  • College Speaking
  • College Writing / Foundation English
  • Foundation of Chinese Language / The Science of Everyday Life
  • Chinese Language Enhancement / Western Images of China
  • General Mathematics
  • Elements of Business
  • Multiple Intelligences and Competencies
  • Understanding Hong Kong Popular Culture


Higher Diploma Year 1

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • English for Academic Purposes I
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Daily Life Applications
  • Principles of Tourism
  • Marketing for the Hotel Industry
  • Front Office Management
  • Housekeeping Operation
  • Introduction to Food and Beverage Management
  • Introduction to Catering Management
  • Introduction to Hotel Operations 


Higher Diploma Year 2

  • Practical Chinese*
  • English for Academic Purposes II
  • Placement
  • Accounting in the Hotel Industry
  • Cross-cultural Issues in the Hotel Industry
  • Organizational Behavior in the Hotel Industry
  • Human Resources Management in the Hotel Industry


* Non-Chinese speaking students or students who have not received sufficient training in the Chinese language may apply for exemption from the Chinese course(s), and alternative courses may be assigned.