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Campus & Facilities


Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Causeway Bay, the 19-storey campus building covers a gross floor area of approximately 17,000 square metres, and has been equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities and supported by an advanced computing network system. In addition, ample space has been designated for students’ self-learning and out-of-classroom activities. HPSHCC wishes to create a campus atmosphere that contributes not only to the high standard of academic achievement, but also to the social, personal and intellectual development of the students.

The campus hosts:

  • 37 classrooms and 2 lecture theatres;
  • Student Development Resource Centre (SDRC), Computer Laboratories, Library and Learning Commons;
  • Special Teaching Rooms including Food Science Laboratory, Nutrition Laboratory, Health Product Teaching Room, Mock Clean Room, Rehabilitation Skills Laboratory and Hotel Management Training Centre;
  • Online learning facilities and wireless Internet access;
  • A multi-purpose Sports Hall and Performing Arts Studio.


Campus Facilities Video


Learning Facilities


Facilities of HKU Libraries

HPSHCC students will enjoy access to, and borrowing rights at, the Main Library and 6 specialist branch libraries of The University of Hong Kong. Over 10 million printed titles and a substantial amount of electronic resources are housed in the University library system.


HPSHCC Library

We have a Library located on the 4/F of the campus building where books and electronic reference materials are available to support teaching and learning.


Online Learning Facilities

HPSHCC students and academic staff can make use of the e-learning platform of SOUL (SPACE On-line Universal Learning) to facilitate learning and teaching. SOUL is a total e-learning solution developed by HKU SPACE. With the assistance of SOUL, students can submit homework, review lessons, and make enquiries, while academic staff can dispatch notes, make announcements, and communicate with students effectively.


Computer Laboratories and Cyberstations

The College campus has been equipped with an advanced information technology network to support all teaching and learning activities. In addition to computer and language laboratories for teaching purposes, self-access computer laboratories are located on 6/F and with numerous cyberstations located at different floors for students’ self-study. From almost anywhere on campus, students can also conveniently connect wirelessly to the campus network and the world.


Learning Commons

Located on 5/F is the Learning Commons, where students can learn and socialise. There are learning facilities and support services that allow students to study, research and conduct discussions in a relaxed and spacious environment.


Health Products Teaching Room

This special teaching room is equipped for Medical and Health Products Management programme. There are a mock pharmacy and a health products consultation corner, providing an ideal place for students to perform role play, so as to acquire communication skills and etiquette of serving clients.

Students will also learn how to make ointment and pills, as well as the operation of basic medical equipment.

medical lab

Mock Clean Room

Mock Clean room is an isolated area in a premises such as a hospital or drug manufacturing plant, where the air quality and air flow are strictly controlled. Together with the use of laminar flow or biosafety cabinet inside the room, pharmaceutical products that are free of microorganisms and unwanted small particles can be prepared by trained personnel.

mock clean room

Virtual Dissection Table

Virtual Dissection Table

Utilising the latest Virtual Reality technology, the virtual dissection table allows students to deepen their understanding of human anatomy and physiology by showcasing multiple angles of the human body, including various organs, bones, blood vessels, and nerve system.

AHRC lab2AHRC lab3

AHRC lab1

Rehabilitation Skills Laboratory

The laboratory is well-equipped with mock hospital ward and mock home environment, which students can learn practical skills of physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing. For example, they can conduct home environment assessments and modifications for patients. Additionally, the laboratory is equipped with advanced rehabilitation equipment, including the "Hand of Hope", a mobile electric standing wheelchair and a VR Bike, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the innovative rehabilitation devices and prepare them for future careers in rehabilitation care.

AHRC lab2AHRC lab3


Food Science Laboratory and Nutrition Laboratory

The two well-equipped laboratories are specially designed for the Food and Nutrition programmes. There are advanced science lab equipment in the Food Science Laboratory, where students can acquire basic testing technique such as DNA test, food ingredient analysis, food microbiology test etc. The Nutrition Laboratory is an ideal environment where students learn to design and prepare meals for people of different dietetic needs.



Hotel Management Training Centre

Located on the 15/F and is designed for students of Hotel Management programme, the Hotel Management Training Centre includes a mock-up guest room, reception counter and catering facilities, allowing this programme to provide professional training to the students.



Sports Programmes and Facilities

Physical education is a part of whole-person development. Students can enjoy the facilities at the South China Athletic Association (SCAA), or take part in the coached sports programmes offered by the College or the SCAA. Our campus hosts a College Hall located on 3/F. It is a multipurpose sports hall with facilities for rock-climbing and ball games.

Po Leung Kuk runs two holiday camps, the Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp in Sai Kung and the Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp in Yuen Long. Occupying a total area of over 2 million square feets, the two camps are perfect sites to organise activities for the physical and mental development of youngsters.