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 Sleep Difficulty


Ways to Deal with Failure

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Emotional Blackmail


Community Resources – Mental Health Information

Little Prince is Depressed
Shall We Talk

If student would like to know more information on mental health issue, please contact Student Counsellor through Counselling Service.


Community Resources – 24-hour Hotlines/ Online Counselling Support

When safety is of immediate concern, please call (852) 999 or visit the nearest hospitals.

Suicide Prevention Services

24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline: 2382 0000

Youth Link: 2382 0777

Provide 24-hour emotional support service to the person with emotional distress or suicidal ideation.
The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong

English Emotional Support Hotline: 2389 2223

ChatPoint (Online Chat Service):

Caritas Infinity Teens - Cyber Youth Support Team

Tel: 2117 0321

WhatsApp / Signal: 9377 3666

Telegram: caritasinfinityteens

Instagram: caritas.infinityteens

Provide professional social work intervention with online and offline counselling and group or programme services to youths.

St. James Settlement

6PM Cyber Youth Support Team

Tel: 2609 3228

WhatsApp: 5933 3711


The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Nite Cat Online (Cyber Youth Support Service)

Tel: 2396 9447

WhatsApp / Signal: 9726 8159 / 9852 8625

Telegram: nitecatt

WeChat: nitecatonline

Instagram: nitecat.bgca

Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

eSm^_^iley Cyber Youth Support Team

Tel: 3615 8331

WhatsApp: 6280 6281

Telegram: @esmileyhk

WeChat: eSmileyhk

Instagram: esmileyhk

The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups

uTouch Cyber Youth Outreach Service

Tel: 2788 3444


uTouch Portal / WhatsApp: 6277 8899
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf

Tel / WhatsApp: 6434 6900
Provide emotional support and counselling service to the deaf.
Open Up

WhatsApp / SMS: 9101 2012 

Facebook: hkopenup

Instagram: hkopenup  

An online text platform designed specifically to cater the needs of youngsters,experiencing emotional distress from different aspects such as family issues, interpersonal relationships and academic stress.