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Programme Structure

The Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes offered by HPSHCC are under stringent quality assurance process and recognised under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) Level 4. Successful completion of a programme offered by the College leads to an award within The University of Hong Kong (HKU) system through HKU SPACE, or an award by HPSHCC. The programmes offered by the College cover a range of areas to cater for the diverse interests of young people.

The Associate Degree (AD) Programmes are designed to provide broad-based education for secondary school graduates. The curricula fall under three main categories: Generic Skills, General Education and Specialism. General Education covers a wide range of courses in the domains of Arts and Humanities, Culture and Media, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Science and Technology while Specialism courses focus on building a foundation of knowledge relating to the theme of the individual Associate Degree curriculum.

The Higher Diploma (HD) Programmes are designed to provide secondary school graduates with a solid foundation in a specialised area as well as a wide range of compulsory Generic Skills subjects, which will give students an all-round capability as well as the specialised knowledge and skills that they need for career development and further studies.

Programme Structure


Diploma in Foundation Studies 

Associate Degree 

Higher Diploma 


Broad-based education and generic skills

Broad-based education and generic skills

Specialised knowledge and skills

Length of Study

1 year

2 years

2 years 


  • 60-70% Core Courses
  • 30-40% Electives
  • 40% Generic Skills & Experiential Learning
  • 20% Core Curriculum
  • 40% Specialism
  • 35% Generic Skills & Experiential Learning
  • 65% Specialism


Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS)

Associate Degree

  • Students who complete the first year and then leave the College will be awarded an Advanced Certificate in General Studies (ACGS).

Higher Diploma

  • Students who complete the first year and then leave the College will be awarded an Advanced Certificate.♦

Opportunities for studying locally

Associate Degree / Higher Diploma programmes

Local UGC-funded / self-financed degree programmes and top-up degree programmes offered by overseas universities

Opportunities for studying abroad

Graduates can progress to the first year of bachelor’s degree programmes offered by North American and Scottish universities

Graduates can progress to the third year of bachelor's degree programmes in North American and Scottish universities or the second year of bachelor's degree programmes in the United Kingdom and Australia

♦ Not applicable to individual programme

Programmes offered by HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College are registered on the Qualifications Register (QR). For details of the QR, please visit