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College Life

Personal Development and Mental Well-being

SDRC believes that everyone is unique and special. Students can explore their potentials and competencies through different personal development activities provided by SDRC. To enhance students’ self-understanding, confidence, and awareness on mental wellness, SDRC will arrange training workshops on study skills, teambuilding, leadership and stress management. Students can develop their full potentials to face the life challenges ahead.

 personal development  personal development


Student Ambassadors

Acting as a bridge between the College, students and the community, Student Ambassadors assist in major College events, and help in the promotion of the College. The position is open for application at the start of Semester 1, and selection is made based on applicants’ academic performance, attitude and communication skills. Training on leadership, communication and team-building will be provided.



College Student Facilitator Scheme

College Student Facilitation Scheme pairs up senior students and freshmen. The Mentors who are passionate and familiar with the College and programmes can provide tips and advice for mentees’ study and adaptation in HPSHCC. All freshmen are welcome to join the Scheme and become Mentees.

The scheme also aims to promote psychological well-being and help-seeking attitudes and behaviours in the College. Apart from being the mentors, students who are interested in promoting mental health knowledge and supporting peers with emotional needs can also become the College Well-being Facilitator. They will attend a series of training and activities to enhance the knowledge on mental health, and organise student-initiated mental health campaign in the College.

College Student Facilitator Scheme  College Student Facilitator Scheme



V-Circle is a group of volunteers, who are caring and committed to serve the community. Through participation in voluntary services, members of V-Circle can enrich their exposure as well as social awareness.



Sports Membership and Courses

The College subscribes South China Athletic Association (SCAA) membership for students on an annual basis to promote the physical well-being. Also, coached sports courses are offered on a regular basis during the semester (e.g. golf, bowling, yoga, indoor shooting, kick boxing, Wing Chun, and jazz dance). Those courses are taught by qualified instructors in College, the Performing Arts Studio or at SCAA.

Sports Membership and Courses  Sports Memberships and Courses


Art T.O.U.R.

Students are encouraged to take a step to challenge themselves in the College. In the process of making arts and crafts, students can gain the sense of achievement, self-confidence and motivations to make their dreams come true.

Art T.O.U.R.  Art T.O.U.R.