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About Us

Vision and Missions



HPSHCC seeks to become one of the finest tertiary colleges in the region. The College provides students with an individualised learning experience, focusing on the realisation of their academic prowess and enhancing their awareness of the difficulties of the needy. Students will not only be equipped with knowledge and skills for further studies and joining the workforce, they will also aspire to serve vulnerable and underprivileged members of society.



The missions of HPSHCC are:

  1. to provide quality post-secondary education for students through its programmes and services with continuous development thereof;
  2. to help and prepare students for further study at universities and other higher education institutions, for work, for citizenship and for enriched lives as educated people through providing comprehensive and professional curricula so that students may think clearly and logically, act responsibly and confidently and communicate effectively;
  3. to establish a centre of knowledge and skills where a serious learning atmosphere is instilled and a caring environment is provided for students together with a supportive workplace for staff members; and
  4. to provide self-financing programmes leading to academic awards at post-secondary levels.