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Vaccine Pass and Campus Access (Adjustments)

08 Apr 2022

As you may be aware, the Government has adjusted the vaccination requirements of Vaccine Pass as follows:

  • advancing the implementation of Stage 3 Vaccine Pass,
  • shortening the grace period for receiving the 3rd dose after the 2nd dose, and
  • updated vaccination requirements for recovered persons.

Please visit the following link for the Government’s press release:


HPSHCC makes corresponding adjustments for campus access in alignment with the Government’s Vaccine Pass Policy.  For anyone wishing to enter the campus, please note the following:


a) There are 3 phases of vaccine requirements:

  • Phase One:   From 28 February 2022
  • Phase Two:   From 30 April 2022
  • Phase Three:   From 31 May 2022 (It has been advanced from 30 June 2022)

Please refer to Annex 1 for the dosing requirements in each of the three phases.


b) For COVID-19 recovered persons, please refer to Annex 2 for the dosing schedule for vaccine pass. The schedule varies from person to person depending on the number of doses received, the type of vaccine and age.

You are advised to go through the information provided by the Government:


c) HPSHCC will continue to use the Vaccine Pass. When entering the campus, please scan the "LeaveHomeSafe" venue QR Code and show the QR code of vaccination record or Medical Exemption Certificate to the security guards.


d) For people who cannot take COVID-19 vaccine on medical ground, please refer to Annex 3 for details.


e) As we know, the Government is currently making relevant system enhancements, so that recovered persons with positive test results recorded in the Government's computer systems will be able to retrieve their recovery record QR code online at a later time. They can then also add their recovery status to their vaccination record QR code. The system is expected for launch in May and the Government will announce the details in due course. 


Please note that adjustments may be made depending on the pandemic situations and government policy.



8 April 2022