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Vaccine Pass and Campus Access (Updates on 2 Sep 2022)

02 Sep 2022

The Government announced the addition of the Red Code and Amber Code into the Vaccine Pass to differentiate persons with higher risk of infection. Details can be found here

In this regard, the College puts in place the following safety measures about campus access with immediate effect:

a. Red Code holders are not allowed to enter the campus.

b. Visitors holding Amber Code are not allowed to enter the campus.

c. Students and staff who hold Amber Code are required to observe the following for campus access:

  • Conduct daily Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) with negative result before you enter the College
  • Register your name and student/staff ID with the Facilities Management staff at the G/F lobby
  • Wear a mask at all times while you are on campus, maintain good hygiene, and observe social distancing
  • Take body temperature daily.  If feeling unwell or having any symptoms of infection, seek medical attention immediately and refrain from entering the College
  • If students (Amber Code holders) need to have meals on campus, they could go to the open area on 4/F (several seats provided).  Please contact the Library staff on 4/F.


Your cooperation is always important in maintaining a safe campus.  Please stay vigilant.