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Medical and Health Products Management

HIGHER DIPLOMA IN Medical and Health Products Management

Programme Code

  • HP001 Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS)
  • HP206 Year 1 & 2, Higher Diploma (HD)



QF Level: 4
QR Registration No.: 07/001816/4
Registration Validity Period: 05/05/2008 to ongoing
Successful completion of this programme leads to an award within The University of Hong Kong system through HKU SPACE

Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP)

In 2024-25 academic year, local students enrolling and being offered the subsidised places of this programme under the SSSDP will receive a subsidy up to HK$39,890. After deduction of the subsidy, the annual tuition fee is HK$22,410.



DFS Application Code: HPDFS-MHPM

HD Application Code: HDMHPM

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More programme information and activities details could be found on the programme Facebook page or Youtube channel:

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The medical and health products sector is an integral part of the health services industry. It encompasses a broad range of product areas including pharmaceuticals, natural health products, laboratory and scientific equipment, medical and diagnostic equipment, and health care products. These products are driven by technology and innovation, hence understanding them would require a good foundation of medical science as well as the technical background. The increasing demand for health care opens up employment opportunities for those who have the requisite knowledge of health product usage and technology, and the skills required by businesses in this sector.


Programme Aims and Features

  • Provides students with basic knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical sciences. All subjects laid the solid foundations of students’ future studies in medical, pharmacy, nursing and health-related Bachelor’s degree programmes at local as well as overseas universities;
  • Optional work experience programmes including community and elderly services, dispensing attachment programmes at overseas university, medical conferences supporting services etc. will be arranged;
  • Guest lecturers from the industries will be invited to share their invaluable experiences;
  • The health products teaching room, which includes a mock pharmacy and a health products consultation corner, and the mock cleanroom for aseptic dispensing, provide ideal places for practical training;
  • Students will acquire relevant knowledge and business-oriented skills to facilitate their eventual careers in the medical and health products industry, as well as scientific and laboratory equipment businesses.


Opportunities for Further Studies

UGC-funded Universities

Graduates may apply for admission to Bachelor’s degree programmes in Pharmacy, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Radiography, Science, Biomedical Science, Life Science, Biochemistry, Gerontology, Community Health Practice, Environmental & Occupational Safety and Health, Public Health, Health Education, Biology, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Testing and Certification, Food Science and Health Science disciplines offered by local universities (including HKU).

The list below shows the UGC-funded degree offers that our graduates/ students received in the past*:

  • The University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (double degree)
    Bachelor of Nursing
    Bachelor of Science
    Bachelor of Science (Major in Chemistry)
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Bachelor of Nursing
    Bachelor of Pharmacy
    BEng Biomedical Engineering
    BSc Community Health Practice
    BSc Gerontology
    BSc Natural Sciences
    BSc Public Health
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    BEng Bioengineering 
    BEng Chemical and Environmental Engineering
    BSc Biological Science
    BSc Biotechnology
  • City University of Hong Kong
    BA Digital Television and Broadcasting
    BA Translation and Interpretation
    BEng Biomedical Engineering
    BSc Biomedical Sciences
    BSc Biological Sciences
    BSc Chemistry
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    BA (Hons) Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management
    BSc (Hons) Applied Biology with Biotechnology
    BSc (Hons) Analytical Sciences for Testing and Certification
    BSc (Hons) Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health
    BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing 
    BSc (Hons) Nursing
    BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy 
    BSc (Hons) Radiography 
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
    Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
    Bachelor of Science (Hons)
    BSc (Hons) Applied Biology - Biotechnology Concentration
    BSc (Hons) Chemistry 
  • The Education University of Hong Kong
    BEd (Hons) (Science)

*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

Graduates are also eligible to apply for the below degree programmes offered by other institutions:

Other Local Institutions

    Part-time, 2 years, BSc (Hons) Biological Science, offered by Edinburgh Napier University (UK) in collaboration with HKU SPACE
  • Hong Kong Metropolitan University
    Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) General Health Care
    Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Mental Health Care
    BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and Green Management
  • PolyU SPEED
    BSc (Hons) Applied Sciences (Health Studies)

Overseas Universities

  • Monash University (Australia)
    Full-time, Bachelor of Pharmacy, (graduates may have courses exemption)
  • La Trobe University (Bendigo Campus, Australia)
    Full-time, Bachelor of Pharmacy (2nd year of the 4-year) / Bachelor of Science (2nd year of the 3-year)
  • Queensland University of Technology (Australia)
    Full-time, Bachelor of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Podiatry / Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics / Bachelor of Nutrition Science, (graduates may have courses exemption)
    Full-time, Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (2nd year of the 4-year)
  • The University of South Australia (Australia)
    Full-time, Year 2, Bachelor of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science / Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine / Bachelor of Medical Science / Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences
  • University of Manchester (UK)
    Full-time, BSc Biomedical Sciences (2nd year of the 3-year) / BSc Pharmacology (2nd year of the 3-year ) / BSc Physiology (2nd year of the 3-year) / BSc Pharmacology and Physiology (2nd year of the 3-year) / BSc Anatomical Sciences (2nd year of the 3-year) / BSc Neuroscience (2nd year of the 3-year)

Valuable placement trainings at the Pharmacy Department and various sections of the Medical Laboratories of Taichung Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (Taiwan).


Professional Recognition

Graduates who are engaged in drug dispensing services may apply for the membership of the Hong Kong Pharmacy Technicians Association (HKPTA).


Career Prospects

This programme provides a foundation for careers in marketing, sales and technical support functions in the medical and natural health products industry, as well as scientific and laboratory equipment businesses. Graduates may join private clinics and elderly homes to support pharmacists and physicians in providing pharmaceutical services to patients such as dispensing medicines and educating patients on how to take medicines properly.


Virtual Reality in the Classroom

To enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness of courses like those in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, it is very important to supplement classroom lectures with hands-on experience of the course materials. Virtual Reality (VR) is one good option to deal with this issue and in addition, it can also enhance the students’ interest in learning.

For that reason, 12 VR boxes have been purhcased in which we have downloaded:

  1. A VR video tour of a local hospital pharmacy showing to students how it is like when working in a hospital pharmacy in HK: important sections such as outpatient dispensing section, inpatient dispensing section and the steps involved in prescription processing/drug dispensing are included in the video.
  2. An interactive mode of the above video so that the students can choose the part of the pharmacy they want to see or learn more by manipulating the cursor.
  3. A cleanroom interactive video showing the basic design and the important parts of a cleanroom that is installed with a laminar flow hood for aseptic drug reconstitutions.
  4. An app for human anatomy showing the human skeleton; more human organs will be included in the near future.

pharmacy section  clearnroom

students  students using VR


Press Interview

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Topick News 2019 (MHPM)


Mingpao JUMP, 25 September 2015

配藥員須辨識藥物、藥性 做好中西藥物把關工作


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小藥丸大學問 謹慎配藥每一步 以病人生命為己任

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配藥員、牙科手術助理 醫護團隊重要支援人員

2-year Higher Diploma Programme

  • Obtain Level 2 or above in 5 subjects including English Language and Chinese Language# in the HKDSE Examination, AND have taken HKDSE Biology or Chemistry, or equivalent; OR
  • Hold a recognised Diploma in Foundation Studies Programme, AND have taken the HKDSE Biology or Chemistry, or equivalent; OR 
  • Hold a Diploma Yi Jin, AND have taken the HKDSE Biology or Chemistry, or equivalent; OR
  • Hold a Diploma of Applied Education, AND have taken the HKDSE Biology or Chemistry, or equivalent;OR
  • Equivalent qualifications will be considered by the College.

Applicants whose HKDSE results do not meet the entry requirements of the 2-year Higher Diploma Programme should apply for admission to the Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS) programme.


Diploma in Foundation Studies Programme 

  • Level 1 or above in English Language and Chinese Language#, and have taken HKDSE Biology or Chemistry, or equivalent; AND at least 6 points+ in the best 5 subjects*^§; OR
  • Equivalent qualifications will be considered by the College.


Mature Students

Applicants who do not possess the above academic qualifications, but are aged 21 or above and with relevant work experience will be considered on individual merit.


*Applicants are allowed to use not more than 2 Applied Learning (ApL) subjects in the application. The recognition of the ApL subjects is as follows: 

“Attained with Distinction (II)” is deemed equivalent to Level 4 or above;
“Attained with Distinction (I)” is deemed equivalent to Level 3; and 
“Attained” is deemed equivalent to Level 2 in the HKDSE Examination.

#ApL Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students) would be accepted as an alternative Chinese Language qualification.

§ If one of the five HKDSE subjects is Citizenship and Social Development, the requirement will be “Attained” for the subject.

^ If the candidate has attempted less than 5 subjects but obtained 6 points or above, the application will still be considered.

+ Level 5** = 7 points; Level 5* = 6 points; Level 5 = 5 points; Level 4 = 4 points; Level 3 = 3 points; Level 2 = 2 points; Level 1 = 1 point.

Effective from 2024-25 Academic Year:


Diploma in Foundation Studies

  • General English I & II 
  • College Speaking / Introduction to Information Technology and AI
  • College Writing / Grammar for College Studies
  • Foundations of Chinese Language*
  • Chinese Language Enhancement*
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Elements of Business
  • Foundations of Biology 
  • Foundations of Chemistry 


Higher Diploma Year 1

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I 
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Anatomy and Physiology I
  • College Chemistry for Medical and Health Products Sciences
  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Natural Health Products
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Scientific Instrumentation and Laboratory Measurements 


Higher Diploma Year 2

  • Practical Chinese*
  • English for Academic Purposes II
  • English for Healthcare Professionals
  • Information Technology Fundamentals 
  • Pathophysiology
  • Drug Action and Use of Medicines I
  • Drug Action and Use of Medicines II
  • Drug Action and Use of Medicines III
  • Professional Skills in Pharmacy
  • Business Development Project
  • Medical Equipment and Healthcare Products: Recent Applications and Developments


* Non-Chinese speaking students or students who have not received sufficient training in the Chinese language may apply for exemption from the Chinese course(s), and alternative courses may be assigned.