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2015 Overseas Learning Experience in Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (Taiwan) for the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Product Management Programme

1 Sep 2015

Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Product Management programme honorably collaborated with Taiwan Chung Shan Medical University again this year, to organise a learning tour for 30 students in August. Students were able to learn and study in the Department of Pharmacy and Clinical Laboratory of the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital.

Senior pharmacists explained the daily operations and the “3 Checks 5 Rights” medication administration in various sections of the Deparment of Pharmacy, including outpatient and inpatient dispensing sections, Chinese Medicine divisions and methadone clinics. They demonstrated the mechanism of automated dispensing machine. Students participated in the preparation of Chinese herbal formula in the Chinese Medicine division.

Moreover, students experienced task-based training under the supervisions of those clinical laboratory technologists of the medical laboratories, including Blood Bank, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Hematology, Biochemistry and drug testing sections.

In the 14 days, students gained many valuable experiences in clinical laboratory testing skills and dispensing procedures, which inspired them during the selection processes of further studies and careers.  

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Study Tour: 6 Days Exploration of Taiwanese Food

14 Jun 2015

Higher Diploma in Nutrition and Food Management and Higher Diploma in Food Health and Business Management programmes organised a 6 days study tour to Taiwan for 39 students from 14 June to 19 June 2015. The aim of study tour was to enhance students’ understanding of the food industries. Our students have visited different food production plants such as traditional pastry, western pastry, salt industry, dairy plant, tea museum in Taiwan as well as exchange activities with National Taiwan Ocean University which offer food science studies.

Students have valuable chances to visit different production lines, know more about the food safety management in Taiwan such as ISO 9001 and HACCP. In addition to visiting the production line in different industries, students also had chance to make some DIY traditional pastries such as such as pineapple cake and sun cake on their own. Through visiting the night market and supermarket in Taiwan, students explored the eating culture in Taiwan.

Students enjoyed the exchange activity with National Taiwan Ocean University, students chatted with the Vice President Professor Tsai, Chair of Department of Food Science Professor Kong and current students about the studies and future development of food sciences and technology. In addition, academic staff and students of Department of Food Science also gave our students a practical experience to produce their own canned food. This was a good experience for students to know more about canned food packaging.

Students enjoyed the 6 day tour and had widened their horizon, knew more about the food industries, different food production and the eating culture of Taiwan. 

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Put Theories, Knowledge and Skills Learnt into Practice

20 Apr 2015

On 20 April 2015 evening, the Hong Kong Academy of Pharmacy invited students of the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management programme to attend and provide service at their education seminar. Topic of the seminar was “Management of FLU and Pneumonia Diseases with Vaccine Prevention”. Three enthusiastic Year 1 students joined the seminar, which they grabbed this valuable opportunity to apply the theories, knowledge and skills that they have learnt in class into the real life situations.

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Visit to Lee Kum Kee Hong Kong in Tai Po

21 Jan 2015

Year 2 students of the Higher Diploma in Nutrition and Food Management programme visited Lee Kam Kee HK in Tai Po on 21 Jan 2015. Students had a chance to visit the production line of various sauces and condiments. Through the explanation by Lee Kum Kee's staff, it has enriched their understanding on how advanced food science could be applied in the production of traditional Chinese food products. All students enjoyed and learnt a lot.

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Getting To Know Us (HD in Medical and Health Products Management)

3 Aug 2015

Targets: Prospective students and their parents of the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management programme

Date: 29 July 2015 (Wed)

Time: 4:30 - 6:15pm

Venue: LT202, 2/F, HPSHCC, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


  • Meet the Programme Leader to understand more about the programme curriculum and study pathways
  • Talk by guest speaker: Role of Dispensers in the Hosptial, Ms. Fion Chan from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
  • Nursing industry in Hong Kong: Duties of RN vs. EN
  • Graduates' sharing
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Practical Experiences in the Active Care Group Medication Management Centre

13 Jul 2015

Year 1 students of the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management programme have received an invaluable opportunity to gain the practical experiences in the Active Care Group Medication Management Centre in summer 2015. Active Care Group Medication Management Centre is the first organisation providing comprehensive “computerised medication management system” for medicine preparations, to the elderly home and care centre. This internship training strengthened students' knowledge and skills in the areas of pharmacy and health care service.

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Multiple Articulation Pathways: Seminar on the HD in Medical and Health Products Management Programme

10 Jul 2015

The Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management (MHPM) programme organised a seminar for the applicants and their parents in the evening of 10 July 2015. In the seminar, MHPM lecturers introduced the main features of the programme, i.e. the multiple articulation pathways in the medical and healthcare science areas provided to the graduates of the MHPM programme. Graduates also shared with the participants their fruitful learning experiences at the College.

After the seminar, participants visited the laboratory and the mock pharmacy, with laboratory demonstrations conducted by the staff. All of them enjoyed that very much.  In conclusion, all prospected students have a good understanding of the College life, as well as the favourable career and learning opportunities after completion of their higher diploma study at HPSHCC.

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Trial Day of Nutrition Programmes 2015

29 Jun 2015

The trial day was completed on 11 June 2015. On that day, DSE participants, parents and other interested parties came to the HPSHCC campus to experience the mock classes of the programmes "Higher Diploma in Nutrition and Food Management" and "Higher Diploma in Food Health and Business Management".

The trial day consisted of a number of sessions, including food science experiments, theory classes, demonstrations of students' works and sharing of graduate. From these activities, participants learnt that nutritional and food science is a subject that emphasises both theory and  practical application. Both progarmmes aimed to provide students with professional knowledge for future studies as well as career development. During the time of refreshment, participants had the opportunity to chat face-to-face with our lecturers and students to get a better understanding about the future path.

P.S. In view of the overwhelming response, an additional trial day will be held on 9 July 2015 (Thu).

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2015 Summer Internship Training at the Centre for Genomic Sciences, HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

17 Aug 2015

Students of the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management programme have completed the summer internship training at the Centre for Genomic Sciences, HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. They learned how to use NanoDrop, Bioanalyzer and other multi-channel pipettes to aliquot reagents. It was a valuable experience to learn various practical skills that could not be found from the textbooks. The experience and knowledge that they have aquired were precious and unforgettable. All staff were very nice and eager to teach the students, which they had a great time during internship.

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World Health Day Carnival 2015

12 Apr 2015

On 12 April, several Year 1 students of the Higher Diploma in Medical and Health Products Management programme provided services at the World Health Day Carnival 2015 held at Whampao. They worked at the booth of the Hong Kong Pharmacists Union, with the main duty of playing games with elderlies and children about food safety. It was a precious chance for them, to learn about certain health issues and to meet pharmacists and other health care professionals.

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